No doubts, Smartphones and tablets have become integral part of our daily-life. They help us in many ways like, providing information, interacting with friends and individuals we adore through various social media platforms

- Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and many more. Can you imagine of spending a day without your smartphone? Your answer would be no. Here are probably the most vital tips and best ways to protect your smartphone:

1. Dispose of malware: Be careful when you introduce anything, and don`t visit doubt-able sites.

2. Keep track the space available: At the point when your smartphone has no free space, it doesn`t work so verify you have an additional memory or purchase a SD card if don`t need to monitor your space every time you download something.

3. Keep away from heat and extreme cold

4. Root cautiously: Most of us attempt to root our smartphone all alone without having any good knowledge. It regularly prompts appalling results.

5. Connect it with care: Micro USB associations aren`t as precarious as USB ones however they are still have a few amazements. When you unite a telephone with a USB link, do it with a gigantic consideration.

6. Pockets can be hazardous: Don`t let your beautiful skinny jeans kill the phone you love.

7. Offer it some break: Much the same as your PC or laptops, your smartphone needs a break. We utilize our smartphone days and evenings and make them work relentless. Your gadget is a robot, it doesn`t imply that it needs no breaks. Working all the time can prompt a short existence of your smartphone. You require at any rate to restart it every now and then. Give a break by turning off your smartphone for 60 minutes at-least once a week. It`ll clear liquidates and legitimately reboot subsystems to help your gadget serve you longer.

8. Try not to mess up your SIM card lock

9. Keep it far from water

10. Pick a right ROM: There are a wide range of ROMs to better the work of Android telephones and you can likewise like to glimmer some naturally gadget.

Don`t disregard these tips in light of the fact that, despite the fact that the danger of breakage is low, it`s constantly better to keep the threat ahead of time.


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