Many of us are unaware of the fact as how integrated circuits, ICs get seated on the motherboard circuitry. If you are interested in DIY or approach a technician you will able to understand as where ICs are placed and what they are called. Yes, it is a land grid array, LGA, a kind of surface-mount packaging with an arrangement of pins on the socket on which, ICs are seated. This LGA is electrically connected to the printed circuit board (PCB) in two ways. It could be the usage of a socket or getting LGA soldered to the board directly.  If you have old computers, which holds older forms of motherboards then it may not support your current requirements such as high performance, graphics, higher resolutions, etc.  It is so because you will not be able to fit in latest Integrated Circuits such as IC3, IC5, IC7 on every older motherboard.
Let us view an ancient socket, LGA 775, which was put to use until the release of the LGA 1366. On this socket, several processors like Intel Pentium 4, Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Quad and other CPUs were allowed for insertion. Some computers needed serious changes as LGA 775, and chip-sets compatible were suitable  for  DDR2 RAM and over time motherboards had to be upgraded to DDR3 RAM compatible for instance. Intel released LGA 1156 in order to handle new line of Intel Core processors in 2008, however, this socket did not secure any upgrade path. After that, LGA1366 was released that provided effective functioning to high-end version. There may be an instance where the socket is several years old and if it were to be a dual - core version of an LGA 1155 or LGA 1150 processor still it is viable to upgrade. So, before you change your computer do consult any good online shop that helps you to spend less and enable you with every needful feature like graphics, high performance on your desktop.


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